Don’t you hate those movies whose goal is to “make you want to think?” ”Exit Through The Gift Shop” made me excited to think. More after the break.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is the story of street art, but it’s more. This is a bit a “spoiler” review, but I think it’s the best way to get you to watch the film, because the previews don’t even begin to show you how entertaining the film is, or what it is truly about.

A man follows street artists around for years until he is told to become an artist himself as a distraction. Lo and behold, HE becomes famous. The questions you ask yourself are-is he just a ripoff?  Are the other artists just spouting sour grapes? Is fame just a contagious disease spread by well meaning people? And you can even keep the questions simpler like “is this art or vandalism” or is it no longer “art” when it becomes commercial?

Okay, now that I may have put some of you off the story, you could also summarize it as “how a bumbling Frenchman became an art superstar almost overnight.”

The movie is a winner. Every Saturday morning I put on a movie that I half watch while I fall back to sleep. This is one of those rare occasions when I didn’t go back to sleep. Check the movie out, it’s available to watch instantly on Netflix.