See what happens when you work for ESPN and don't say positive things about Lebron James.

Dan Le Batard is one of the few people I watch religiously on ESPN. Dan is a huge Miami Heat fan and he was actually one before Lebron was there. Pretty much every Heat fan was upset when Lebron left to go back to Cleavland. Dan has been throwing out some ideas to pull a prank on Cleavland.

He thought about taking out full page advertisements in newspapers showing off the Heat championship rings, but no newspapers would allow it. So Dan decided to go big or go home. He bought the billboard (seen below) and it is pretty funny. This billboard is in Akron, Lebron's hometown.

Now it is a nice little joke, no harm right? Apparently not to the bosses at ESPN, Dan has been suspended and is off the air until Monday. This statement came down from ESPN, "His recent stunt does not reflect ESPN’s standards and brand.  Additionally, we were not made aware of his plans in advance."

I know everybody at ESPN is ready to report what Lebron James ate for breakfast today, but seriously this billboard is a harmless joke. Have you watched SportsCenter recently? Might as well be called LebronCenter at this point. Lighten up ESPN.