Whats wrong Dwight couldn't handle the heckling from a couple Mavs fans for life?

If your a Mavs fan and you missed the end of the game against the Rockets on Wednesday, you missed an insane comeback. The Mavs at one point were down by 18 in the third quarter. Thanks to the big man Dirk Nowitzki scoring 35 points and also passing Reggie Miller on the all time scoring list, putting him at number fifteen.

Well when this crazy comeback started happening in the fourth quarter some Mavs fans started heckling Dwight Howard. Well with his lead diminishing he got frustrated and tossed the ball into the crowd of hecklers. This earned him a technical foul, also helping diminish that lead. News from the league office today, Dwight has been fined twenty five thousand dollars for his actions during the game. Shooting guard for the Mavericks Vince Carter called Dwight "The biggest crybaby that I know." Ouch, also with this win the Mavs remain undefeated at home. Mavs Fan For Life!

Watch Dwight Toss the Ball into the Crowd Below: