This goes in the “little bird told me” category.  You should not take any of these things to heart.  These are just rumors of possible tours and it doesn’t even mean the shows are coming to our area. It’s just cool to think about the possibilities of some of these lineups happening.  More after the jump.

One of the coolest rumors we’ve heard is the possibility of an Evanescence/Shinedown co-headlining bill. That should be called the vocal power tour or something.  If that tour goes down it would be an absolute tragedy if the two singers don’t duet for at least one song.

Volbeat is supposed to circle back around as part of a four band package.  All I really know at this point is my favorite band, Monster Magnet is scheduled to be a part of the tour.

How about this one, this is a really cool tour, and I’m fairly positive it will happen.  I’m hearing Rise Against will tour with The Deftones and AWOL Nation.  That’s would be an excellent lineup.

Lamb of God will supposedly take Ghost and others out for a series of dates.

Rumors are running wild about a Linkin Park/Incubus summer run.

We’re also hearing rumbles that Five Finger Death Punch is part of something big, and that Slipknot may do a summer run.

Now once again, this stuff is borderline gossip.  Some of these tours will fall apart, some bands will choose to go a different way and some will head into the recording studio.  The DUMBEST thing you could do is “skip” as show hoping that one of these will happen close to you.  The BEST thing you can do is put away a few extra bucks for a pretty big year of concerts.