Celebrities are always trying to find a way to cash in on their fame, even if they aren't even famous for a good reason. D-list celebs will do even more to keep in the spotlight and make their dollars. Now a website called Dial-A-Star allows people like you and me to call almost famous individuals like Michael Lohan or Danielle Staub personally, but it comes with a price.

The calls you make are billed much like a psychic hotline or a phone sex line. Starting at $10 per minute and going up to $25 per minute, you're placed in contact with the "star" of your choosing and actually talk to them.

What I'm not clear about is what you'd talk to these people about. Looking at the web site, it's almost as if you're about to have full-blown phone sex. If I wanted to call up Tila Tequila, what would I talk to her about? I don't know these people!

They're making money at it, though. It's reported that Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has brought in over $6,000 so far. She's followed up by Angelina Pivarnick and Michael Lohan with over $3,000 each, and coming in after them is Octomom with $1,260.

I think I would call Octomom just to tell her she's a dumbass.

What celebrity would you spend money to call?