Sometimes I don’t know what to think of Foxy Shazam.  They may be a bit of a joke, or they may be the future of rock.  All you have to do is watch their videos and you can be instantly transfixed with this band.  Coming up, I have TWO killer videos for you. The first is a lyric video for the new single and the second is a promotional spot for their U.K. tour. Check ‘em out.

The new Foxy Shazam single is “Holy Touch”.  They guys will be filming an official video in the next few weeks, but right now the single and the lyrics are set to ridiculous faith healer video.  Check out “Holy Touch” now.

I had a friend who actually got to see Foxy Shazam live.  I asked him about the experience and he said it was like watching all of Mardi Gras unfold in about 35 minutes.  It was a  CRAZY party.  Check out this promotional spot.