This had me dying laughing. I don't care who you are, hockey is fun as hell. Everybody needs to start watching. 

Let me introduce you to Tony X, who goes by @souIoucity on Twitter. The other night he tuned into what he thought was going to be the Saint Louis Cardinals game. Instead, it was the Saint Louis Blues playoff game. He decided to watch for a few minutes and got hooked.

He live-tweeted the rest of the game and his tweets are priceless. "What's a power play?" "Where did the goalie go?" I love it. Maybe this guy brought the Blues some luck because they advanced to the next round of the playoffs. Here is my problem, the Stars are playing the Blues in the next round.

I need this Tony X. good luck charm to wear off real quick. The Saint Louis Blues have offered Tony seats to game three to watch the Blues take on the Stars (Which you can see below). Come on Stars, I think it's time to call in Rally Belly.