Playoff hockey is going on in Dallas and I have been waiting years for it.

I moved to Texas in the summer of 2007 and that upcoming hockey season would be the last time the Stars made the playoffs while I have lived down here. Everyone enjoys making fun of my beloved Dallas Cowboys when they choke the last month of the season. The Stars the past few years have actually been worse than the Cowboys in the choking department. I remember one year they were the number one seed with a month left in the season and lost a ridiculous amount of games to knock themselves out of the playoffs.

This year however we finally have playoff hockey in Dallas. I have been wanting to go to a playoff game in Dallas for years now. My roommate got tickets for game six and in my head I am going nuts. Game 6 is not guaranteed, so it was possible that I may miss out on the playoffs for another year. The Stars lost the first two games in Anaheim and the team was coming back to Dallas for two games here. They need to win at least one of these games to have a shot at a game six. Turns out they won both of them securing a game six.

Could a little kid have helped the Dallas Stars rally to beat the Ducks? I am going to respond with a big hell yeah. Stars fans have named him "Rally Belly". He was on the jumbo tron when he pulled up his shirt and did that cool wavy thing with his chest. Then Jamie Benn scores a goal. Later they put him on again and Fiddler scores. Finally, two more rally bellies two more goals. The Stars have given Rally Belly and his family tickets for game six.

I can assure you I will be screaming my head off Sunday night at the Stars game helping them win the game. If I am sitting next to Rally Belly I will lose my damn head. Also Dallas Stars just go ahead and give this kid a lifetime season ticket plan if we win the Stanley Cup.

Check Out Rally Belly Below: