If you were absent from the Iron Horse Pub last Saturday, you missed one hell of a night. Black Dutch Sioux played a set, and they set the house on fire.

Their mix of rock and Texas twang produces what the band calls a “swamp stomp” sound, and they breathe life into every note they play. The set on Saturday wasn’t their first trip to the Pub, and I doubt it will be their last. The band has continued to gain momentum with original music and a solid fan base.

The band is made up of Ross Shifflett on vocals and guitar, John Wright on guitar, JD Wakefield on drums, and Josh Morrison on bass and harmonica. If you get a chance to see these guys live, take that opportunity.

The band has also released the video for “Fall of ’86.” The video follows the band to a bar where they play to a crowd of waiting fans, but something tells me a video in the future may have them playing to a stadium.