Time again to throwdown in Falls Town as the clash of the unsigned bands continues with Round 1 winner Black Dutch Sioux squaring off against Awake in Theory. Check out their tunes below and then vote for which one you think should receive airplay on The Buzz. If you or someone you know has an unsigned band and you wanna battle it out for some airtime, make your submission HERE.


Black Dutch Sioux

'Fall of '86'

Black Dutch Sioux play a very cool blend of Hard Rock, Southern Rock and Blues with just a hint of Texas Music that kinda caught me off guard when I heard the first few notes of 'Fall of 86' for the first time. Make no mistake about it, these guys rock hard but they have just enough country in 'em to cross over into the more-rock-than-country Texas Music and Red Dirt scene - if that crowd can handle a little heaviness.


Awake in Theory

'Daddy's Little Girl'

Awake in Theory are a modern rock band that combine melody and aggression that fits in well with Buzz favorites like Sevendust and Stone Sour. The band have been playing alongside some top-notch acts and it seems the big boys have rubbed off on Awake in Theory as 'Daddy's Little Girl' is a well-produced, straight-forward rocker with plenty of hook.