Beware of Darkness has just released the music video for their second single "All Who Remain," off their debut album Orthodox. The group's first single, "Howl," managed to climb all the way to the Number 4 spot on the Active Rock radio charts.

Frontman Kyle Nicolaides described the track to Rolling Stone saying "The song is about losing your favorite person on the planet, and all of the mixed feelings and emotions that come with it -- anger, confusion, isolation, depression, acceptance. The whole balance to the video and song is that life can be terribly beautiful and annihilating at the same time. There are events and moments in your life that will be tragic, but so unbelievably freeing, and sweet at the same time. And it's strange and uncomfortable, but it just comes as part of being a human."

"All Who Remain" was also featured on Crank It or Yank It a few months ago with all of you Buzzheads deciding to Crank It. If you haven't voted for it yet you should do so now.