Beware of Darkness' new single, 'All Who Remain' isn't the happiest of tunes. In fact, it's downright dark. But that's okay because I tend to lean toward dark subject matter.

The song deals with the loss of what guitarist/vocalist Kyle Nicolaides describes as 'your favorite person on the planet' and as sad as it is, you can't go wrong with subject matter that everyone can relate to.

The power trio have been making waves since the release of their debut single 'Howl' and look to continue their ascent with the new one. While 'All Who Remain' is a stark contrast to the raw energy of 'Howl', I think it serves the band well to display a different side of themselves this time around.

Give 'er a spin and let us know if we should crank it or yank it.

'All Who Remain' comes from Beware of Darkness' debut album, Orthodox, out now on Bright Antenna.