Earlier this month Avenged Sevenfold released a small clip from their upcoming new album. And now we have another clip, and this one was a little harder for some people to find. According to Deathbatnews.com, guitarist Zacky Vengeance posted a message online that led people to the band's Instagram where "The true king, Andronikos" could be found. What does that have to do with A7X? Well with a little bit more research, people found an account on YouTube with the name "AllHailAndronikos" where the newest clip from the album can be found.

The video shows the band in the studio working on the album and including a unique horn section in one of the tracks before cutting to concert footage. The new album is due out sometime this summer and will follow 2010's Nightmare, which earned the band it's first Number One Album on the Billboard 200 chart, and will be the first to be written without drummer and key song writer James "The Rev" Sullivan, who passed away in 2009.

Singer M. Shadows recently said "We had a decision to make on this one. The decision was, okay, do we just make a record that everyone expects us to make, or do we just move forward and make another, different record that we feel more comfortable with, and we chose the latter. So right now we're looking forward to doing something new and exciting and fresh, and hopefully people give it a shot and like it."