If you’ve ever seen a Skittles ad, you know they’re a little quirky and strange. That’s putting it lightly for a new Skittles ad that I saw a few days ago, involving a pretty blonde making out with a walrus. I distinctly recall looking over to my husband and saying, “Did we really just see that?”

I wasn’t offended by the ad, but I did find it shocking. One group, however, does find it offensive and they’re calling for the ad to be pulled. They say the concept promotes bestiality, and are on a mission to get their message out.

One Million Moms said this about the spot:

We are not sure of Skittles' thought process behind their new ad, but if they are attempting to offend customers, they have succeeded... Parents find this type of advertising inappropriate and unnecessary. Does Skittles' have our children's best interest in mind? Skittles candies are for all ages, but their target market is children.

Wrigley, the parent company of Skittles, had this to say in response:

Skittles has won millions of fans with its unique and unexpected advertising. As a fun-loving candy brand, we never intend to offend people with our irreverent humor and don’t believe this imaginary situation promotes harm or inappropriate behavior with animals.

I can’t help but wonder who would watch this and suddenly feel the need to run out and find their own walrus to take home.

What do you think of the commercial? Is it offensive? Does it promote bestiality?