It’s not surprising that we’re hearing about senate races that don’t apply to us here in Texoma, but this is one that was just too interesting to ignore. There’s a senate seat open in Virginia, and the candidate is gaining a lot of attention. His name is Hank, he’s a cat, and he’d like to represent his state.

A political independent, Hank has political ads running and even states on his Twitter account that he is passionate about the creation of a Privacy Bill of Rights and the protection of consumer data. He would like to see more jobs, and wants “milk in every bowl.” His Facebook page also gives information about his platform as well as a bio, giving voters an inside peek into the life of  a cat born to a single mother and surviving the streets.

Since senators are required to be 30 years old, Hank may face a problem there. He was born in 2003, but in cat years he’s 52. He faces other obstacles, such as the fact that he’s a cat, but he’s not the first animal to run for office.

AM New York points out that such campaigns are not unheard of and have even been successful in the past -- Bosco Ramos, a black Labrador-Rottweiler mix, served as mayor of Sunol, Calif., from 1981-1990.

I’ll keep watching this one meow. Voters may be so tired of past officials that they’ll actually put their faith in a feline candidate.