With talk about the Zombie Apocalypse on the lips of millions worldwide, many think they know what needs to be done if they find themselves surrounded by hordes of the undead. But do we really know how to fend off flesh-eaters if that moment comes?

The Zombie Combat Zone is here to help. If you’re willing to travel to Surrey, England, before November 15th, you can join the ranks of those trained by professionals to survive the attack.

It works like this: zombie hunters get a ‘crash course bootcamp’ that includes a briefing on the situation and weapons training. Your mission is to save some missing scientists and find the cause of an outbreak that has unleashed the dead on the living. All you have to protect yourself is a paintball gun.

If you had thoughts of baseball bats or broken records (ala Shaun of the Dead), I guess you were wrong.

It started with Ron McCall, a special effects artist, and a group of his colleagues. They were playing paintball and it occurred to them that most people wouldn’t do well in the Zombie Apocalypse. That’s when the idea was born that training could be offered to the masses.

The training is only 45-minutes long, and it includes zombies, screaming, and probably a lot of fun. More fun than you’d have if you were really being attacked by zombies, that is.

Interested? For just $95 plus the cost of getting there, lodging, transportation to and from the site, food, passport, souvenirs for your friends, clothing, and drinks at the pub after, you’ll be set.