That's right Buzzheads. Here's your chance to take that horrid, ridiculous and hopefully laughable past date and throw it on the grill where it will be sizzled and scorched with the smell of BACON!

Jack In The Box has a new burger, the BLT, and they want to share with you the most loyal, tasty piece of meat you can legally buy.  You have a chance to get free lunch for a month from Jack In The Box and all you have to do is relive your worst date experience to enter.  Now, if it's bad enough that you need to find the number to your therapist or the US Marshal assigned to handle your new identity, you may want to spare us the story.  But if you can muster up the courage to tell us why you deserve to have free BLT combos for two, once a week for a month, you could win! And to make it even more fun, we may even share your experience on air because, well, other people's hellish dates make us laugh!

So click on the link below and share with us your worst date.  It's about time it counted for something right?