Hayley Wakenshaw of the UK has won the mother of all prizes – a divorce.

Wakenshaw has been with her husband for about 16 years, 4 of which they’ve been married. They split sometime this year, but divorces can be costly, which is apparently why she hasn’t pursued the matter as of yet. When a “Win a Divorce” competition came up at MaritalAffair.co.uk, she entered along with 200 other hopefuls and walked away with the prize.

What she gets is just under $3,000 to go toward legal fees. She said in a press release:

I entered the competition with my tongue firmly in cheek, not thinking for a second I’d win. I laughed solidly for an hour after getting the call to tell me I’d won the prize –- of all the competitions to win, this has to be the most surreal.

The sponsor of the contest feels they’re enhancing people’s lives by “freeing them from the shackles of the often-unaffordable divorce process.”

It’s definitely not the blue ribbon your grandma used to win for her apple pie at the State Fair.

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