We’ve all heard of stupid people doing stupid things to get money, but the worst offenders, in my opinion, are those who fake cancer to get a payday. Our most recent moron being charged with fraud in this manner is a woman from Phoenix who got donations for implants after saying she had cancer.

Not only did she pull the wool over the eyes of her boss and the community, but she even told her mother and grandmother that she needed a double mastectomy because of her “cancer.”

Jamie Lynn Toler made an appearance in court this week and is now out on bond, but chances are those who donated money to her would rather see her behind bars for the time being.

If a woman wants to get implants, more power to her. I see nothing wrong with surgically enhancing your body. At the very least you would think one’s family would know what was going on, but if they’re good people, they probably would have put a stop to it.

At least she has a nice rack to show off while she’s doing time.

Huffington Post