People pull pranks because they’re funny and enjoyable to watch. Some pranks, however, cross the line. Such is the case of a woman who used a Walmart bathroom recently in Kentucky and found herself glued to the seat after she was done with her business.

The unidentified woman spent about an hour on the seat before paramedics were able to remove the seat itself. From there, the woman was taken to the hospital with the seat attached, and hospital staff managed to remove the glued-on mess.

It may sound like a random isolated case, but it turns out this isn’t the first time a customer has been glued to a toilet seat at Walmart. In March, the same thing happened to a man in Maryland. Could this copy-cat act be something that’s catching on?

If it is in fact something that some people think of as a harmless joke, they’re wrong. Not only did the woman in Kentucky suffer humiliation, she probably lost tender skin while getting the seat removed from her body. Furthermore, putting super glue on a toilet seat is a crime, and those committing the act could face second-degree assault charges.

Have you ever pulled a prank, only to find out that it’s gone too far? Was this one too far in your book? Do you think the individual(s) responsible were watching the scene unfold from somewhere in the store?

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