Formed in Vancouver in 2010, Anciients have made quite the name for themselves in a short period of time. Of course, when you put out an album as powerful and diversified as Heart of Oak right out of the gate, people are bound to take notice of you.

Anciients do a good job of blending various extreme styles with the ease of bands like Opeth and Baroness while mixing in a little more classic rock and prog to give their music a fresh, unique feel. It's obvious the band won't allow themselves to be pigeon-holed and I fully expect even more experimentation and diversity from the band in the future.

Guitarists Chris Dyck and Kenny Cook called the BuzzLine for last Saturday's (11/9) edition of the Oath to talk about songwriting, goals, future plans and more. Listen to our conversation below.

Kenny and Chris - Anciients Interview Part I

Kenny and Chris - Anciients Interview Part II