Oh yeah, that's right!  Our very own Chelsea Eaton made The Buzz "Babe of the Day" on our site, the national website Guyspeed.com and over 25 other websites.  And the best part, we're looking for more Hunnies to become Babe's of the Day!

So to do this, we have devised a fun plan to help us pick who to feature.  Oh alright, it's a contest!  It's simple and easy so listen up (or read up?).

1) Look in the mirror and say "Dang!  I'm gorgeous!"

2) Submit a minimum of 4 swim suit photos, 2 have to be full-length photos.  They don't have to be professional, just good enough quality for us to get a good view of you.

3) Do this all by July 28, 2012 before voting begins.

4) Get all of your friends ready to vote as our listeners will help us decide who makes the cut August 13th-August 19th.

Not only will the top girls be chosen as "HomeBrew Hunnies" and then featured nationally as Babe of the Day but the one with the most votes will win a swimsuit of her choice from Collen Kelly Designs courtesy of Freestyle Productions Wichita Falls!

So what are you waiting on?  Fill out the form below and submit your photos now!  This is your chance to be in a photo shoot NATIONALLY!