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Berend Turf & Tractor LP was established in July of 2005 after being a part of Berend Bros. Farm & Garden Centers for over 65 years. A change in the Berend Bros. family ownership created an opportunity for Jay Berend to purchase the power equipment business. Jay continues to grow Berend Turf & Tractor using the values passed on from his grandfather, Lawrence Berend, and father, Larry Berend. In 2010 Jay was joined in the family business by his younger brother, Lee, and in January of 2011 Jay and Lee became business partners.

Their Motto is “got work to do” and they have the tools needed to complete the job!

Mission Statement

Berend Turf & Tractor is committed to grow the power equipment

business by supplying our customers with a high level of service.

We strive to sell quality products while creating buyer satisfaction.