Reuters is reporting that the U.S. will withhold about $800 million in aid to Pakistan. Finally some common sense in government. Read more after the break.

Administration officials say they're trying to work through some issues with our supposed ally.

Personally, I say screw 'em. It makes a little sense to provide money to a country for military aid so we aren't risking American lives; but if they aren't doing the job, then they shouldn't be paid. Think about it, either Usama Bin Laden was let in, or snuck in, to the country. Okay, so some guys who look kind of like everybody else snuck into town, but then the U.S. brought military equipment into town with little to no resistance (and the Pakistani government didn't know if it was the U.S., China or Aliens from outer space). So if anybody can just walk or fly into the country why would be pay them to help defend their borders or our interests?

And don't forget that we're giving them the benefit of the doubt. They may have used the money in the ways intended, or they may have spent it on silly little hats for their leader to wear.

I think it should be a one strike and your out policy when it comes to help from the U.S, we have too many problems of our own to watch somebody else use the money against us.

And what if Pakistan decides to not be our friend anymore? Who cares? If we can take out a target at will in their country, then taking on the whole country shouldn't be a big deal. We can put together a team of Tom Cruise, Seal Team 6, the Predator and that Hobo with a Shotgun and take over the whole stinking country.

To the entire U.S. Government who said 'no' to sending Pakistan money, I say congrats and thank you!