Ever feel like maybe they under pour your beer at a stadium? Well the Minnesota Twins are letting you become the bartender the rest of the season.

Beer and baseball is better than peanut butter and chocolate. You have to enjoy a few beers every time you go to the game. Now I love the selection they have in Globelife Park, mainly I am just happy they have Zigenbock on tap. However I am always willing to try out some new technology with my beer. For instance at the American Airlines Center they have a beer tap that actually fills up from the bottom of the cup.

Well the Twins will hook you up with a card that you can put money on and actually pour your own beer. You scan your card at the station and will choose between four beers. With this you actually pay by the ounce. So if you want a half cup of beer (I don't know why you would) you can just pour out how much you want. Bud and Bud Light (38 cents per ounce) and Shock Top Lemon Shandy and Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale (40 cents per ounce).

The MLB All Star game is coming up and what stadium is it in? That's right Target Field where this lovely machine is being placed. You will be able to put up to 50 dollars on your card during the All Star game. I plan on visiting every baseball stadium before I die and I definitely will be checking out this awesome new tap.