Every now and again I'm fortunate enough to score an interview with one of the artists I grew up idolizing. Not to say that I'm anything less than ecstatic to land an interview with anyone that devotes their life to their craft but I gotta admit when I found out that one of the guys who helped shape the sound of metal in the 90's would be calling my nerves were a little on edge.

With that being said, you wouldn't have thought I was talking to one of the most influential artists of the last couple of decades when Tommy Victor of Prong hit me up for the May 5 edition of The Oath as he proved to be genuinely glad to be there and appreciative of the support. And if you've ever wondered if Tommy feels like he gets the respect he deserves (I don't) you definitely want to take a few minutes and give the interview a listen.

Tommy Victor - Prong (Full Interview)