One of the biggest stories/surprises in rock in 2013 was the departure of Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier.

At the time, the band had recently released Transit of Venus and had a ton of touring left to do, so they recruited bassist Brad Walst's brother (and My Darkest Days frontman) Matt Walst to fill in.

Most of us figured Matt would ultimately get the full-time gig but it wasn't until recently that the band confirmed what we had expected:

We are happy to announce that Matt will be a part of Three Days Grace. Matt has been on the road with us, and has been writing with us since 2003. Bringing Matt into the 3DG family is a no-brainer…he’s always been in it.

'Painkiller' is our first taste of new original material with Walst on vocals. Give it a listen and tell us what you think.