Granted I've only been doing my metal picks for a few months now, but this would be the first time Warbringer would've made the list nonetheless. That's not a dig at the band by any means as I've been an advocate for Warbringer since I first heard Waking Into's just that my criteria for "pick of the week" is to be an album that captivates me from front-to-back and that honestly wasn't the case with Waking Into Nightmares. Yeah there were plenty of good tunes on the album but I found myself losing interest at times and skipping to the songs I dug the most.

That's not the case with Worlds Torn Asunder. The band has managed to put together an album with plenty of dynamics that kept me listening all the way through and even going back for seconds. I shit you not...the band's put out a record that even the snobbiest of thrash snobs will dig. Not that true fans of thrash are snobs by any stretch of the imagination...I'm referring to those idiots that talk down on young bands for trying to recreate the sounds of my youth (because that's such a horrible, sellout thing to do).

The fact of the matter is that Warbringer have really come into their own as a band and they don't really owe so much to the bands that have come before them on Worlds Torn Asunder as they did on their early albums. They definitely wear their influences on their sleeves but there's a distinct sound to their material and the new album solidifies their place among the best of the re-thrash scene.

Some of my favorites from the album are "Shattered Like Glass", "Demonic Ecstasy", "Living Weapon" and "Enemies of the State". You don't have to be an old man to dig quality thrash...even if it did come out 20 years after the genre's "heyday".

Worlds Torn Asunder is out now on Century Media Records.