There's just something about a band making a comeback when their future is just makes the comeback so much sweeter. After a car accident claimed the life of Decapitated drummer and founding member Vitek and sent vocalist Covan into a coma the band disbanded for a short period of time until Vogg, guitarist, founding member and brother of Vitek finally decided to reform the band and continue on.

I had to wonder what it would be like with Vogg writing songs with someone other than his brother but believe me, the band hasn't missed a step. Carnival Is Forever sounds to me like it could have came out right after Organic Hallucinosis with no member changes whatsoever.

If anything, the album just sounds like a natural progression. Decapitated has always owed a little to fellow Polish death metallers Vader but with Carnival Is Forever the band has fully come into their own and displays even more of the odd time signatures they were experimenting with on Organic Hallucinosis even displaying their Meshuggah influence at times.

The album is ferocious as hell, it's chock full of blasting behind chugging riffs with plenty of space to provide just enough dynamic to keep even the most casual death metal fan hooked.

My favorite tunes on the album are "Homo Sum", "Pest" and "The Knife", but like every pick of the week it is a solid album front to back. Thank God, Satan, Allah or whoever you worship because Decapitated is back and they haven't missed a step.

Carnival Is Forever is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.