So first off, no I did not forget to post our HomeBrew Hunnie yesterday.  We're making the jump to Mondays to help you start your week off. (Plus, I have to keep the terrorists on their toes.  They would expect me to post HomeBrew Hunnies on Sunday, but the joke's on those fools now!)  Last time we featured Katie she only had 25 tattoos, but this beauty is no where near finished with getting fresh ink.

Photos by world famous rock-ographer Jessica Wood of J Wood Photography and myself at The Wellington Banquet and Conference Center. Dresses by DEB in the mall and custom black diamond necklace by the gifted Gold Creations.  Katie's Hair was done by the talented and gorgeous Tressa Stoiloff with make-up by the stunning Skye Baker.

Check out the last photo and give me your opinion:  "Cool", "freaky but cool" or "just plain freaky."