It all started with the 10-minute short film "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" that became an overnight viral sensation.  Director Kevin Tancharoen said he created the short film to show producers what he could do if given the chance to reboot the failed "Mortal Kombat" film series.  Based entirely in reality, "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" had fans drooling over the thought of a gritty, realistic reboot.  Unfortunately, no one was willing to hand the movie over... yet.

What Tancharoen did get was a web series called "Mortal Kombat: Legacy", which saw Ian Anthony Dale, Michael Jai White, Jeri Ryan and Matt Mullins reprise their roles from "Rebirth" as Scorpion, Jax, Sonya, and Johnny Cage respectively.  Though the series did not fully adhere to the realistic tone of "Rebirth", "Legacy" was incredibly popular.  At last word, a second season of "Legacy" is in the works, and now word is that New Line Cinema was so impressed with series, they have agreed to reboot "Mortal Kombat" with Tancharoen as director.  Still early in development, there is no word on casting, but one hopes to see several actors from the web series to reprise their roles.  Rumors are also going around that the story will be entire original, and not tie in with the web series or video games.

One of the best episodes in the web series

Mortal Kombat Rebirth