Toronto's now infamous crack smoking mayor Rob Ford is burning up the internet with his latest scandal. It seems that everyone is trying to take a shot at this man. And why shouldn't they? The guy did admit to having smoked crack while in office.

You have to give him some kind of respect though. How many other people would have admitted to having smoked crack and then refused to give up their position as mayor? It's a pretty daring thing to do although he has lost most of his power as mayor by now and it's only a matter of time before he's gone for good.

Even as we speak, Youtube is filling up with tons of hilarious video all about the mayor. So instead of you wasting your time searching the internet for hours trying to find to best videos, we've put together some of the best Rob Ford parodies out there. Enjoy! Oh, and if you missed it yesterday, we also have videos of Ron Burgundy singing Ford's new campaign song and Rob Ford moshing.

1. Rob Ford: According to Rob Ford

This video is great because it's just Mr. Ford describing himself, which probably wasn't the best thing to do.

2. The Ballad of Rob Ford

A couple days ago musician Chris Daughtry stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his latest album, but he also delivered a brand new song, "The Ballad of Rob Ford."

3. Alice Cooper's "Go to Hell" The Rob Ford Edition.

Now this video is strait from a bar in Toronto were they decided to sing their own version of Alice Cooper's "Go to Hell," and I'm sure this is how the people up there really feel.

4. What Does Rob Ford Say?

Yes, this is a parody of the internet sensation "What Does The Fox Say?" with a little Rob Ford twist thrown in.

5. Rob Ford the Movie

We saved the best for last. This is a fake movie trailer, but if you were going to make a movie out of this situation Chris Farley would defiantly be the guy to play Ford, if he was still alive. You know both of their definitions for 'fun' are probably close to the same thing.