He got busted red handed and she wasn't letting this slide. 

Rodney Johnson was described as a ladies man by his friends. "I'll put it like this: he loved a lot of women," said Ralph Duncan, who lives in the same house where Johnson spent many years. "That was the problem." This past Tuesday, Johnson was hanging out with a woman that was described as his girlfriend.

That is when his common law wife Debra Davis showed up. Common law basically means the two do not have a marriage license or have an official wedding. They agreed to be married, live together and everyone considers them 'married'.

Debra Davis confronted her common law husband while she sat in her car. She fired a shot hitting him in the torso. "I heard one gun shot, and I came out and he was already lying there in the street. We tried to do CPR and ... it was already over by the time he was transported," said neighbor Diondra Jefferson.

Johnson was transported to Ben Haub Hospital in Houston, but it was too late. Johnson was already gone. Davis fled the scene. She turned herself in several hours later. Here is where the story gets weirder. Debra Davis is still legally married to another guy, Roger Davis Junior. The two have been separated for some time and she filed for divorce last year.

The law shows she is still technically married. Roger had been hoping to reconcile that relationship, but that is probably over now. For the final weird piece to this puzzle. Debra met her now dead common law husband through her children and Johnson's children. Their two children are actually married to each other.

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