Once in a lifetime experience and sadly this guy's nuts took the full force.

Catching a ball at an MLB game is a thrill that everyone would love to experience. Multiply that by ten if it's a home run ball. One Texas Rangers fan had the chance to experience this amazing moment this past Sunday. This game was actually on the road in Seattle. You can tell he is a Ranger fan, you're not gonna miss that bright Ranger red jersey.

In the bottom of the eighth inning yesterday, Kyle Seager of the Seattle Mariners hit a homerun to right center field. This fan saw the ball and was ready to catch the ball. Sadly, he didn't calculate the trajectory properly and the ball hit him square in the nuts. From bad news to worse for this Rangers fan. The Rangers also lost to the Mariners 4-3 on this day.

Watching your team lose sucks. With black and blue nuts, even worse.

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