Denison's own Texas Hippie Coalition take their first turn in 'Crank It or Yank It' with 'Hands Up'.

The third single from the band's latest album, Peacemaker, displays THC's penchant for heavy guitars and anthemic choruses that stick in your noggin after the first listen. 'Hands Up' celebrates the band's Texas roots with a groovy style that is definitely a nod to the mighty Pantera and lyrics that pay homage to Lone Star legends like Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.

While I couldn't disagree more with Big Dad Rich's claims to be the 'King of Texas', swagger is a good thing around these parts and it's fared well so far for Texas Hippie Coalition. Maybe someday ol' Rich will be king but for now, we'll decide if 'Hands Up' is a track worthy of regular airplay in this little section of the Lone Star State. Listen to it loud and then put in your two cents in the below poll.