Moving in with that special someone can be a trying time for everyone involved, especially when that girl you told yourself you wanted to spend the rest of your life with starts throwing away everything you love.

A new survey has been released that reveals that there are ten items that women love to throw away, no matter how much it means to you.

Most of the time you won't even know she's throwing your stuff away, because she'll do it one little piece at a time while you're not home until you don't even recognize your own house.

So if you're contemplating moving in with that special someone, be sure you hide everything on this list. Your best bet is to dig a hole in the backyard and bury it. Bury it deep.

1. Clothes - And you can be sure she won't be doing you a favor. Sure your wardrobe may look ten times nicer when she's done, but as a guy it's not about style, it's about comfort. So go ahead and say good bye to all your old, holey t-shirts you've had for the last ten years.

2. Magazine Collections - You should have already gotten rid of all your dirty magazines when you started dating (wink), so this one shouldn't hurt as bad. And if she does come across some magazines that you were "just holding for a friend," maybe think about going digital.


3. Old Hobby Stuff - To her, it's nothing but a pile of cheap plastic and paint, but to you, it's your life's work. Those model cars and planes you spent your childhood piecing together won't last long with a woman in the house.

4. CDs and DVDs - Sadly, she won't be throwing out her collection of romance movie. Instead it will be your collection of action and comedy movies, and the only reason she'll have is that she doesn't like watching them, so don't try to argue.


5. Sofa - This one is pretty obvious. There comes a point in every young man's life when he must replace his trusty sofa with something a little more grown-up, and that time usually happens around the same time as when he is moving in with a woman. It's not easy, but you can guarantee that this will be the first thing she gets rid off, it's also the moment you realize this is really happening

6. Sports Memorabilia - This is the point were you realize it was all a lie. She doesn't like sports. She never has and she never will. She only acted that way around you because she's a trickster. A dirty, no good trickster who's currently throwing away that baseball you got from (Enter Players Name) at your first ball game. Good thing she's hot.

7. Artwork - By artwork we of course mean those posters of half naked ladies all over your room. In your eyes they may be art, but in her's it's just garbage.

8. Your computer chair -It can take years to get your computer chair to just the right level of comfort. But since she is moving in you won't be able to spend all night searching the web for the most twisted sex acts you can imagine anyway, so I guess this one doesn't really matter.

9, Your sound system - She isn't throwing it away because it's to loud. She is throwing it away because it take up to much space and doesn't fit into her floor plan.

10. Fitness Equipment - You never use them anyway so she is throwing them away. Bad idea, since you won't be able to 'workout' your arms as much as you use to. She should have left these right were they where.