A teen in British Columbia has learned that taking LSD can make a person aggressive. So aggressive, in fact, that it needs to be taken out on inanimate objects. After taking the drug, the teen went after the one who was taunting him – a mailbox.

Police found the guy having a full-on argument with the mailbox and fighting it. When they approached him, he turned his aggression on the police. Clearly they had no place getting into the middle of his argument.

In the end, however, the teen was not charged and police state he made some bad choices. The question remains, will he make those same choices again? If this behavior was seen with the mailbox, what’s next? The shrub in someone’s front yard? The pet rock that another keeps in their garden? You know how pesky pet rocks can be… Or perhaps his next victim will be the fire hydrant, sitting there all smug and red.

To make things even better, the police department themselves Tweeted about the incident:

The Port Moody police tweeted about the incident, first stating 'A call of a male fighting with a mailbox.' They later reported, 'Mailbox fighter arrested after violently fighting with police.'

That’s what I’m talking about. Cops know how to have a good time, too!