Sorry, but I've found that people rarely change. I've also found that, except in some cases of mental illness, homeless people choose to be homeless. There is help out there and some people just don't want to play by the rules that come with getting help. Some just find it easier to live life no strings attached. I knew this was all going to happen with Ted Williams the man with the so-called "golden voice". Read more and learn more after the break.

After bolting rehab I hate Ted Williams for the same reason I hate Jesse James. These two were given a chance to really change perceptions about judging people by their looks. In Ted Williams people saw a man with a marketable talent that they thought with just a little push they could integrate him back into society. In Jesse James society saw a blue collar, somewhat rough looking, guy who was being accept along "the pretty people". Now both have returned to their douchey behavior and the people out there who really just need a leg up have less of a chance of getting it now.

You can tell this was written with mixed feelings. I want to help the unfortunate, but some people just can't be helped.