When Sharknado aired earlier this month, it was the must-see Syfy film of the summer. Almost immediately after it aired the announcement came that the network would be filming a sequel to the movie, which started speculation about which characters would return for round two. Over the weekend it was reported that Tara Reid has been cut from the sequel, but she’s denying those rumors.

The starlet took to Twitter, posting:

There is no script for sharknado 2 until i read it then i will make a decision but everyone that is saying i got cut that is not true #liars

Sharknado proved to be as delightfully bad as the trailer promised with terrible acting, awful special effects, sharks capable of climbing ropes, and science that made no sense. Did anyone else notice that the sharks flew horizontally instead of just falling? My husband said of the film, “It’s not often that I root for all of the characters to die. All of them.”

Yet some lived and now we wait to see the sequel, which is slated to be released in 2014. I read a rumor that it’s set in New York City. In the meantime, Syfy will be releasing their hit Ghost Shark on August 22. As for Sharknado, here are some highlights from the film for your enjoyment!