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The Headbanger’s Guide To Painting Your Room
What’s confusing is the fact that these kids seem to be stuck in 1992 (doubting highly they’re old enough to remember 1992) when it was perfectly acceptable to style oneself after James Hetfield, and the topic of conversation would inevitably circle back to which song…
Kickboxer Knocks Himself Out
It takes a combination of strength, stamina, precision and skill to knock out your opponent in the ring. But it takes a special kind of athlete to knock yourself out.
German Chancellor Gets Beer Shower Courtesy of Clumsy Waiter
On any given day, there is a lot of pressure on a waiter or waitress not to spill trays of food and drink as they hurry around a crowded restaurant. When you’re serving at an event filled with dignitaries, that pressure is even greater. Just ask Martin, a waiter in Germany who spille…
Man Tests Bulletproof Vest By Shooting Himself [NSFW]
There are many ways to test bulletproof technology. The classic way is, of course, to actually shoot it. But as a rule, you’re not wearing it and you’re not shooting it point blank at your stomach. WARNING: stupidity and highly NSFW language ahead!

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