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Medical Marijuana Abused
I went to the a concert expecting to have a good time. I didn't know how great a time I was going to have. Read more after the jump.
Rock Show Threesome 3.11.11 [AUDIO]
Oh, I'm going to get a candy bar, when I get back maybe I can think about something to say about these audio files. Nope, nothing. Good chocolate though.
House Floats “Up” [VIDEO]
The National Geographic Channel has a new show called "How Hard Can It Be" and one of their projects was to recreate the house that floated away in the cartoon "Up". According to designers, the project was hard, but the house did go UP. Check out the video after the jump.
Rock Show Threesome 3.8.11
Three is a magic number. At least that's what School House Rock taught me. So we now present three magic pieces of audio. Enjoy.
You Guys Are Warlocks
With apologies to Bill Maher, we have a new rule: Warlock is the new term for a "party animal". Read more after the break.
Rock Show Threesome 3.3.11 [AUDIO]
All humor is subjective. That means that certain things are funny to certain people and other people find other things funny. These bits of audio are funny if you're one of the certain people and not one of the other people. Thank you.
Rooster’s Dirty Desk [VIDEO]
Rooster is the "designated backup" if a member of the Rock Show can't make it. We appreciate it, but the only problem is Rooster thinks he's in 3rd grade and his momma is going to clean up for him. Enjoy our small attempt at teaching him a lesson after the jump.

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