All That Remains “Rocklahoma” 2011 [VIDEO]
Last night (05-27-11) at "Rocklahoma" All That Remains closed out the "Hard Rock" stage. Pure piss & vinegar and at excessive decibels the way God intended it! A hell of a set with all your favorites, audio quality isn't that great but up front where …
Texas Hippie Coalition “Rocklahoma” 2011 [VIDEO]
More videos & pictures from our exclusive coverage of Rocklahoma 2011 Last night (05-28-11) on the "Hard Rock" stage the "Band Of Outlaws" T.H.C. the Texas Hippie Coalition VIDEO & PHOTOS:
One hell of an evening with the boys of T.H.C.
Halestorm Live In Wichita Falls – Avalanche Tour 2011 [PHOTOS]
Halestorm performing live at Kay Yeager Coliseum in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Avalanche Tour - April 13th, 2011
(sorry for the poor quality of some of the pics, I didn't quite have the settings on my camera set right for this one).
More photo galleries from The Avalanche Tour in Wichita Falls, Texas:
NCAA Championship Photo Gallery
UConn beat Butler last night in the NCAA Championship game with a score of 53-41; which sounds more like a junior varsity game score to me. Since all of our March Madness brackets were pretty much doomed after the Round of 64, this game just didn't seem as exciting as it should have been...