Red Fang “Wires” Video: A Year Old and Still Kicking Ass!
Let me start by saying that I know this video is almost a year old. I also realize Red Fang has come out with two music videos since they made this one. All that being said, I still wanted to share this music video with any and all buzzheads that have not had the honor and priviledge to experience i…
The demonic madman is at it again!!!! Rob Zombie is headed back to the drawing board in works on a new flick entitled, The Lords Of Salem, after his single from 2006's "Educated Horses."
Thrash Heart Metal
I can't help it man...I've been obsessed with metal since I was fourteen years old when I first heard Metallica and I gotta say right now is an excellent time to be a metal fan. I've never seen so many quality releases in such a short period of time...
Top Metal Songs of All Time [VIDEOS]
So, Gibson recently conducted a poll of the Top 50 Metal Songs of All Time. According to said poll, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath are the "most metal" with seven songs each.
Being the avid musician I am, Its very easy for me to give credit where credit is due! Its way overdue for this chick!! Decades of talent displayed perfectly all in one slender young lady and she can whoop them skins better than most!! Shes talented, sexy and overall badass...