Babe of the Day

Jade Carroll – Babe of the Day
We don't know precisely what sort of training goes into becoming a "bikini athlete" — does one do beach towel squats? — but our Babe of the Day, Taylor-Jade Carroll, seems to excel at it.
Jaime Edmondson — Babe of the Day
Jaime Edmondson is a former Playmate and sports blogger. She’s appeared on ‘The Amazing Race 14 & 18′, she co-hosts a show on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio and is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader.
Amanda Duncan – Babe of the Day
Saito Photography
Amanda Duncan is in better shape than you, and she probably has more skills.
In addition to being a certified personal trainer, boxing coach and bikini model, Amanda Duncan is a licensed makeup artist. Duncan, a Houston resident, has also been a Playboy CyberGirl...
Melissa Anne Teixeira — Babe of the Day
There’s not many gals out there who look just as good as a blonde as they do a brunette (we’re talking strictly on the head here you perverts), but then Melissa Anne Teixeira came along and shattered all of our preconceived notions on hair color. We didn’t have many thoughts on hair, everything we k…

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