We w're at Taco Mayo on Friday afternoon (9/28), and while we were there we gave a little something away. A little something being passes to the WWE Smackdown World Tour.

For the past couple of days Johnny Thrash and I have been taking callers to participate in a taco eating contest, and the winner of that competition walked away with front row seats and meet-and-greet passes to WWE Smackdown.

Not bad for being the one who can eat a taco the fastest. Did I mention the contestants couldn't use their hands?

For those who didn't get on the list to participate, were still able to walk away with tickets. We did a drawing for another pair of WWE tickets (regular seats, not front row) and had two more winners just for showing up.

Congratulations to Andrew Davis who took the first place spot and Gonzo, who was our runner-up in the contest.

Watch the taco eating contest - it's harder than it looks: