A new prank is becoming a huge problem for law enforcement. As a person that loves pranks, this is the dumbest thing anyone could ever do. Don't do it!

I love sitting on my couch and playing some Call of Duty on Xbox Live. Unfortunately, you do have some people that get really butt hurt when you kill them. I will admit if you Noob Tube me on Call of Duty, you are a loser and I will repeatedly curse in your ear. Now some people send harassing messages after games or file complaints on Xbox Live to your account. Someone decided to go to another level with their anger.

While playing Call of Duty someone got a hold of players actual address. When the angered player lost again he sent an entire swat team to his house. The person that called the police department said he shot members of his family and was going to shoot more people. Swat team arrives and just finds a very scared family inside, wondering what the hell is going on. Do not do this prank to people! It is dumb and waste of time to our law enforcement.

Check Out the Swatting Prank Below: