If you’ve ever gone to college, you know how expensive books can be. They’re awful. A woman in Kansas recently went the route that many students are now going and purchased her books used and online. When her textbook arrived, however, it had a little something extra. A baggie of cocaine.

Sophia Stockton ordered the book from an Amazon storefront. It was a book on terrorism, and when she flipped through the pages, a little bag fell out. Given the subject matter, she thought it might actually be anthrax, so she took it to the police. It was there they tested it and confirmed it was cocaine.

Stockton was surprised at the find, but police are even more surprised that it was about $400 worth of the drug.

Amazon states that they check all used items before distribution, and since this was a storefront it’s difficult to say who actually did the inspecting. It’s safe to say, however, that cocaine wasn’t a part of the item description. Does this mean Stockton can get her money back since they didn’t send only what was in that description?

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