From their major label debut album Shine Through, comes 'Satellite Soul', the new single from Strange Daze.

Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Strange Daze have been busting their asses for years, playing over a hundred shows a year in Minnesota and the Midwest. The band's dedication to their craft paid off when they signed a national record and management deal with Rock Ridge Music LLC/Warner Music Group.

Shine Through was produced by a couple of rock veterans, 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson and .38 Special keyboardist Bobby Capps, both of which have seen their fair share of success in the music industry. Maybe their mojo will rub off on Strange Daze, and 'Satellite Soul' will be just the beginning of a string of hits.

Listen to 'Satellite Soul' and weigh in on the track in the below poll.

Strange Daze - 'Satellite Soul'