Whether you’re in love now or have been in the past, something brought you together. Some believe it’s Cupid and his “love arrows” which bring people together, whereas others believe it’s simply a chemical reaction in the brain that makes two people fall in love. You can believe in fate, destiny, circumstance, religion, or even money as the perpetrator, but regardless of your belief, the idea of Cupid is a little creepy when you really stop to look at it.

First off, the Cupid of history is a young man, often running around naked. Over the years he’s come to be recognizable as a baby, flying through the air and assaulting people with his bow and arrow. If it’s a teenager who’s giving me love advice, he can keep it. Anyone who has been a tween-age boy or has known one, knows that “love” at that age is fleeting at best. If it’s a baby hovering over me with a weapon, I’m just getting the hell out of there.

College Humor sees just how creepy the whole thing is, and a few years ago they put together a video that shows just what Cupid’s wrath would look like. When I first started watching, I’ll admit that I was bored and wondered where it was going. Then the action started. Cupid started firing his arrows and they all went down one by one.

It’s definitely morbid, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

What do you think brings us together? Is it fate? Is destiny?