Comedian Bill Hader, famous for his role on Saturday Night Live as well as movies like Superbad and The To Do List, stopped by Conan the other night and was asked if had been trying to get a spot on the upcoming Star Wars movie, to which he responded with a pair of spot on impressions.

Of course he's been trying to land a spot in the movie, who hasn't'? What sets Hader above the rest of the people going for a role though is his ability to deliver amazing impersonations of just about anything or anyone you want to hear.

Hader busted out his 'Jabba the Hut dying,' which according to him he's been working on since the third grade. He also did his impersonation of a dying Tauntaun, which in my opinion is spot on.

I'm a huge fan of Bill Hader and seeing him land a role in the new Star Wars movie would be amazing, even if he only provides the dying animal sounds they need.